Membership in Rotary has many benefits extending beyond participating in one of the world's largest service organizations. You will further develop your local network, as well as hear from business leaders, service professionals and scholars on a weekly basis.
Click here to read the Cape West Rotary Bylaws
What does it cost to be a member?

  • Quarterly Dues $30
  • Weekly meals every Thursday at noon $8
  • To become a Sustaining Member, donate $100 per year to Rotary Foundation
  • To become a Double Sustaining Member, donate $200 per year to Rotary Foundation
  • Paul Harris Member is awarded when your donations added together total $1,000

The goal is to become a multiple Paul Harris member. The Paul Harris Society Members pledge and give $1000 per year, every year. Benefactors and Bequest Society benefit the Permanent Fund.

The "Red Badge Program" is a mentoring system used during the new Rotarian's first year of membership. This program will teach the new member about Rotary and help them participate in club activities. New members have the same level of participation as any member, and are encouraged to become involved in service, club fundraisers and social events.

Cape West Rotary is awarded the Century Club pin each year for achieving donations that average over $100 per member per year to the Rotary Foundation.  This is our seventh year.  Pictured is Foundation Chairman Jerry McClanahan pinning one of the awards on the Cape West Rotary official club banner.

Interested in membership? You can fill our a referral form by clicking HERE, or you can download and print this form.
If not submitting online, mail the form to: P O Box 983, Cape Girardeau, MO, 63702-0983.

Thanks for your interest!